(Q & A)

Quelques passages intéressants:

 "What would you recommend the children to visit in the French Pavilion?"
 "Mmmm, the Pavillion's garden! As the gardens are always the ideal places for children to play there, like the gardens in our city, threr are always many children plyaing there. Always plenty of life and the children will surely like it."

"So you are from the tourism management departement. Have you even been touristic guide?"
"...No, I haven't had such experience yet... But I have participated in a young tourisitic guide competition."

"Suppose that a small group of people want to drop the queue among the visitors waiting to entre the Pavilion. They seem to be rude and seem not to listen to others. What will you do?"
"I'll keep smiling and go to them and tell them that they should respect the public social orders and not to disturb it. I believe that those who come to visit the French Pavilion won't be that rude. Furthermore, they are in behavior of our city's image."
"And if them don't listen to you?"
" I think if I explain to them with the smile and kindness, they will listen to me."

(A une fille qui a dit qu'elle aime shopping) "What would you recommend an american tourist to visit?"
"Urh... how you'll know that he is an american? "
Très bien. Bravo.

 "Do you like French gastronomy?"
"Yes, I do. French food is very good and famous. I also like cooking very much."

" Will you be excited when seeing a star passed by?"
"Humm... that's ok I think. I'm not of those who run after the stars.(zhui-xing-zu/追星族)"


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